Unstoppable Neato Robotics 古晉

Botvac Connected spiders are Wi-Fi enabled for your wise home. Wherever you are anytime cans clean, from everywhere with the Neato app – start, halt, pause, agenda, and receive announcements. And that means you have entry to washing from your arm the machine robots use Apple Watch and Android Don products.

LaserSmartTM Navigation: course navigation and Breakthrough laser floor plan mapping means a serious, , organized washing that is thorough in time.botvac-d5-connected_side_medium

Advanced SpinFlowTM Power Clean:

Picks more of the stuff up that places to the floor—like soil, cereal, dust bunnies, and crumbs.

Unique to Botvac Connected:neato2

Two washing modes—Eco mode and Turbo mode—Eco is a more quiet, longer energy-saving clear; Turbo delivers an excellent-powered not dirty with utmost collection.

Flexible Brush System:

Timetable up-to seven days per week: Quickly plan the software to scrub everyday – or over a routine that works for you personally. You will enjoy home that is coming to that particular just-vacuumed look.

Greater is better comb ranges the whole breadth of the software.

Extra-large filters and dust container:

Extra-large filter captures dirt and substances. The Ultra-Performance Filter catches doubly several tiny particles (0.3microns) than opponents.thumbnail-3KJrP4

Exact side comb:

Where dust hides cleans near surfaces.

D Appearance with CornerCleverTM Technology:

Neato’s D-design permits a front-brush layout using a 50% larger wash as opposed to competitiveness. Receives into and nearer to surfaces corners—and makes room for Neato’s extra–large soil bin.


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